transmitter was commissioned by our employees in 1923, thirty years later the company produced and commissioned the first television transmitter and antenna system.

The post war era brought on the establishment of national company TESLA, weak current and electronics plant, which was a major participant in the development of the radio and television broadcast centers network in Czechoslovakia and the states of the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance, for illustration purposes – at the break of the century still more than 60% of the broadcasts in the former Soviet Union territory were transmitted on TESLA broadcast equipment; a fundamental field in the pre and post war eras were hi tech military technology contracts. Another milestone was the year 1991, when privatization and transformation to Joint Stock Company occurred. The company has successfully overcome even the dissolution of traditional markets, besides focusing on custom production for foreign customers it also supplied parts to tennis racket stringing machines, which the parent company successfully exported to 26 countries across four continents. Another important year was 2008, when a majority share in the company was acquired by an Irish financial company. Long term history of TESLA was manifested also in Mladá Vožice. Workshop, later a plant, provided production of machine components for all final products. Handcraft skill and mastery of the workers were verified in particular during the supply of precision parts for high frequency and microwave technologies.

The current chapter of TESLA Mladá Vožice a.s. history dates back to 2011, when the company was acquired by a Czech family company.
What best characterizes the last years? Stability and development programs in engineering and technological facilities, as well as area of human resources – all with a single objective: utilize the history of verified potential, craftsmanship and experience of hundred workers to establish firm and stable business relations with satisfied clients.


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